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RMR Technologies is conscious of the challenges of coding and billing and how they impact your medical practice’s profitability. Our extensive medical billing services are made to meet the specific needs of medical practices of all sizes

Comprehensive Patient Billing Services by RAPID

RMR Technologies is a reliable source for all-inclusive patient billing services. They ensure accurate and speedy claim processing with a dedicated team and state-of-the-art billing solutions, leading to faster payments and fewer errors. Their comprehensive services handle every aspect of medical billing, from submitting claims to collecting payments and providing healthcare providers with solid support.

RMR Technologies lets medical providers focus on patient care by managing the intricacies of billing, hence improving financial outcomes.
Every stage of the billing process is managed by our team of experts, including filing appeals, responding to rejections, preparing and submitting claims, meticulous follow-up, posting payments, and reporting.

Let’s team up to streamline your billing processes and boost your revenue growth by up to 27%.


First Pass Clean Claims Rate

Up to 30%

Reduction in A/R


Collection Ratio

Result-Oriented Medical Billing Service

RMR Technologies’ Result-Oriented Medical Billing and Consulting Services simplify the revenue cycle administration process for healthcare providers. Their primary goals are to minimize turnaround times and increase claims acceptance rates. Their services guarantee that clients obtain timely reimbursements and retain their financial stability. They also provide correct coding, expedient claims processing, and attentive follow-up on denials. RMR Technologies seeks to improve medical practices’ total profitability and operational efficiency by utilizing cutting-edge technology and specialized knowledge.

Hospital Billing

RMR Technologies offers a comprehensive variety of hospital billing services to efficiently manage the complex billing requirements of hospitals. Their services include complete charge recording, correct coding, and comprehensive claim submission to guarantee compliance with healthcare standards.

AR Recovery

RMR Technologies focuses on Accounts Receivable (AR) Recovery services to enhance the revenue recovery process for healthcare providers. Their committed staff investigates and resolves the causes of delays and denials to handle outstanding claims.

Physician Billing

RMR Technologies offers specialized physician billing services to assist healthcare providers with their billing processes. They provide precise coding, accurate charge entry, and efficient claim submission services to ensure timely payments. By focusing on reducing claim denials and providing comprehensive follow-up, RMR Technologies helps physicians optimize revenue and maintain a steady cash flow.

Medical Credentialing

To assist healthcare professionals in effectively navigating the credentialing process, RMR Technologies offers professional medical credentialing services. They oversee all aspects of the process, including planning, submitting, and following up with insurance companies and hospital networks. By ensuring timely and accurate credentialing, RMR Technologies helps providers maintain compliance with industry standards and avoid service reimbursement delays.

Result-Oriented Medical Billing Services

Result-Oriented Medical Billing Services

Maximize reimbursements and boost revenue by up to 27% with our expert solutions

High-Volume Claim Submissions

Efficiently process thousands of error-free claims daily using our advanced technology.

Compliance With Privacy Requirements

Guarantee HIPAA compliance with our top-tier security measures.

Customized Solutions

Receive tailored billing solutions specific to your specialty.

Personalized Support

Benefit from live phone support with a dedicated manager guiding you through every step.

Risk-free Pricing

Pay solely for successful collections, with no hidden fees.

The Most Reliable and Affordable Billing Services

With our dependable and reasonably priced choices, you may achieve a 97.5% collection rate. Are you ready for anything to shift? Come on, let us talk!

Free A/R analysis before sign-up

Expert coding, compliance, and consulting services

Serving 50+ specialties

Upto 30% Reduction in A/R

Proactively Handling Claim Denials

Our billing process is continuously upgrading to identify issues with claims before submission, resulting in a 99% acceptance rate and prompt payment. In the event of a denial or rejection, our team promptly addresses it and updates our systems to prevent future occurrences, maximizing revenue for all claims. Unlike conventional billing services, we prioritize every claim, big or small, ensuring optimal reimbursement for our clients.

Unlike the more typical billing companies, our focus is not limited to bigger claims.

We file all eligible claims and get maximum reimbursement for our clients.

Get credentialed and enrolled 2x faster.

You Take Care of Patients—Let Us Handle the Billing!

Let’s team up and boost your revenue growth by up to 27%.
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