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Increase Profitability With Premium RCM & Billing Services on offer at the Fraction of In-house  management costs.

Everything In One Place


Complete & Flexible Revenue Cycle Support with Expert Team. RMRT is a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution that allows you to shift the burden of collections off your shoulders, so you can focus on patient care while improving Profitability and Eliminating Administrative Burdens.

Claim Submission

Paper or Electronic, We get your claims promptly to the payer for timely payment.

Charge Entry

We review and enter charges, enter Superbill charges, and code Operative Reports on your behalf.

Payment Posting

We take on the process of posting the paper remittances in an organized and prompt manner.

Patient Billing

We print and mail out patient statements on your organization’s behalf also answering patient quires. 


We handle the work for Denials and Follow-up with the payer on not-responded claims.

Claim Errors

We rectify any errors on claims wherever possible so you collect the full amount due from payer.


Practice medicine, not Administration.

RMRT’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can help you maintain income stability while simultaneously giving you more time to focus on patients. We work to take over time-consuming tasks while providing high-quality services at a fraction of a cost of in-house billing

Income Stability

Increased Clean Claims

Speedy Turnaround on Denials

Resulting Improved Cash Flows


Our Expertise takes RCM support services above and beyond. It is our mission to help you identify opportunities for both front- and back-end operational improvement, so that every dollar is captured, from patients to payers and everything in between.


We assist in credentialing healthcare providers with Government/Commercial Payers/Managed Care Plans and obtain CAQH quarterly re-attestations.


We provide full phone, fax, and email support to obtain the prior approval necessary to acquire reimbursement for most non-emergency medical procedures.


Patients can call our hotline to talk to our dedicated team about billing inquiries they may have. We can also collect payment over the phone for additional support.

Powerful Support

A team of highly engaged account managers provides prompt responses to your everyday questions.


Realtime Reporting on claim processing and periodical Analytics of complete revenue cycle of your practice.

Aging Claims

Comprehensive Reimbursement Solution for aged Claims to get fully paid from Insurance provider.

Rejection Analysis & Resolution

Rejections are submitted within 24 hours while working closely with clearinghouse & insurance companies.

Above & Beyond


Increase collections by 8% or more, while reducing staffing costs. Our specialized back-office team handles the critical parts of your revenue cycle, from claims submission to A/R follow-ups. With an expert team dedicated to your collections, you will uncover meaningful insights that will help you improve processes, minimize denials, and get paid faster.


With a 96% clean claim rate, RMRT’s RCM services work to improve your practice profitability. We offer you consistent workflows, continuous monitoring of claims and a decrease to your administrative tasks, so you focus on patient care.


Our dedicated team of experienced account managers helps you navigate through today’s rapidly-changing healthcare landscape. Our flexible business model keeps your business current with regulatory changes like MACRA or ICD-10, while empowering you to grow your practice at your own pace Keeping full HIPPA compliance.


Reduce Denials and Ensure that Your Claims Are Paid in Full

Our denial analysis reporting and denial resolution services eliminate lost revenues. Have our experts follow-up on your denials; our team of certified CPC/CPC-H medical billers ensures that you receive payment for the services you and your colleagues rendered. Utilize our denial analysis report to identify the types of services and codes that are generating denials in the system. Appropriately code future claims to ensure reduced denials.


Let RMRT’s Team Handle All your Billing and RCM


Trusted By Providers & Patients

“Our client manager at RMRT listens to our needs, and the workflow analysis is incredibly helpful. We’ve been able to reduce our administrative workload by 65% in the same time our billing costs have dropped significantly “

“I have an actual team that supports my practice. We have weekly meetings with our dedicated billing and account manager . When they say all claims are submitted within 24 hours, it’s true. Our claims are paid within 10 to 15 days.
Our revenue has increased 22% since we started and we attribute it to the efficient services that RMRT offers. showing us what we were collecting and what we weren’t collecting”

“Incredible to have all services at one place- billing, coding, scheduling, Prior authorization and on top of that all, manager’s assistance is invaluable. Having increased insurance collections (through the advice of billers ) as well as better time management”

RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) FAQs

What is Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)?

RCM is the entirety of the medical billing process for a practice. This includes claims, billings, and receivables from the time the patient leaves your office to when your practice receives payment and the outstanding balance for services equals $0. Every claim has its own life cycle and the practice can either handle their own billing or outsource it to a RCM service like RMRT.

After seeing a patient, practices must perform front-end management tasks like entering in correct billing codes to start a claim. Then, from an operational standpoint RMRT would handle the rest of the claim’s life cycle by providing coding services, working with the clearing house daily, taking information from the payer, outstanding all patient accounts, getting statements to patients, and more. We also work with carriers to continue to appeal claims to get you to adjudication. RCM includes Accounts Receivable management, denial management, overseeing appeals, and taking all necessary steps to get your practice paid. The holistic purpose of RCM is to constantly refine the practice’s RCM process to improve and achieve the most successful clean claim rate.

Why is Revenue Cycle Management Important?

Revenue Cycle Management gives you sophisticated information on your company’s billing and billing processes. With a closely maintained RCM system managed by knowledgeable RCM staff who know payer rules, your practice’s cash flow and RCM process can be extremely efficient. As a result, signing up for RCM services like RMRT provides an advanced experience at a sustainable cost.

What are the advantages of Value-based Care or a Value-based Contract?

Value-Based Care or Value-Based Contracts have many advantages and can bring your company more revenue than Fee-For-Service contracts. No two practices are alike, so we encourage you to contact our sales team for a free, personalized consultation and detailed analysis of revenue forecast for your practice.

Email our sales team at Call (307) 980-3204

Why Out-Source?

Maintaining in-house Billing Administrative Staff is time-taking and expensive at the same time. While outsourcing can take all this burden off your shoulders freeing up your valuable time for more appropriate patient care. If outsourced to RMRT, all your Billing information will be at your fingertip with RMRT’s advanced reporting system which you can view and analyze on the go. 

How Can out-sourcing Reduce administrative costs?

Keeping Billing department, specially for small practices, can take up a lot of recourses like salaries & wages, Equipment and appropriate premises to accommodate the staff. Further, a practice has to keep spending on these resources regardless of the revenue while out-sourcing to Billing company like RMRT, your practice will have to pay on the basis of Revenue. Lesser the revenue, little the payment to Billing company and vise-versa.

How out-sourcing to RMRT will increase Revenue?

With our expertise and sizeable team of billing specialists, We make sure to eliminate any errors in claims and appropriate coding is there to get you reimbursed every dollar you deserve. Having such an expert team in-house at your practice specially if you are a small practice is quite impractical. With our dedicated department for Denials management, we make sure there are no or very little denials resulting 20% or more  increase in revenue.